Eyes on new film premiere

New documentary Open Your Eyes is set to premiere this week and it offers a fascinating perspective on the eye as a biomarker for many diseases, and shines a light on the important role of optometry as an integral part of healthcare.

Tune in to the global premiere screening of the documentary on 29 April at 8pm EDT, which is AEST 10am on Thursday 30 April.

Open Your Eyes aims to inform the public that optometrists do more than prescribe spectacles and contact lenses. It highlights the importance of optometric eye testing to identify and thwart the rise of 300 systemic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, myopia and Alzheimer’s.

Dr Kerry Gelb, the storyteller and host of the film, said optometrists were the only primary care profession that can see blood vessels non-invasively, placing them at the forefront of preventative medicine.

Watch the trailer:

The film will enlighten people to “the far-reaching technology optometrists now have in their hands,” says Dr Gelb.

We encourage you to register to watch this fascinating film here.

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