Glasses have been around for centuries as a welcome tool to allow people to see better in their everyday lives. Stereotypes around wearing glasses have come and gone but today, they are more popular than ever, as well as acting as a strong style statement for many.


Why it’s important to get glasses from your optometrist

Optometrists ensure your glasses are professionally fitted to provide optimal vision, comfort and eye health, according to your individual needs.

Your prescription is only one piece of information that is used to determine which glasses are best for you. Several other factors, like the position of your eyes, the angle and position of the frame, and the distance between your pupils make prescription glasses unique for each wearer.

For these reasons, prescription glasses should never be shared, even if you think you have a prescription similar to that of someone else.

Choosing the right frames for you

When it’s time to get glasses, the frames should complement the shape of your face.

The images below are designed to give you a starting point around which type of frames will best suit your face shape.


Any shape can work. Choose frames that follow the curve and width of your brows.

heartHeart shaped:
Choose fine and medium frames that help balance your features.


Look for frames that lengthen your face and add angles to your curves.

Accentuate your face with round and square frames. The goal is to shorten the overall appearance of your face.


Look for geometric frames with color on the top half to balance out your face.

Add curves with circular frames, which will help soften prominent cheeks and jaw line.

Pick the right size of frame your face.

Flatter your face shape by choosing frames that are neither too small nor too large and are in proportion to the size of your face. The top line of the frames should generally follow the curve of the eyebrows, and the frames should feel comfortable and not slip down your nose or move on your face when you smile.

Of course, you can ignore the above and simply pick a pair because you love them! Talk with your optometrist about getting the right pair for clear and comfortable vision, while ensuring you look great.

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