Suffering from dry eyes? Read this

Almost everyone has experienced the feeling of dry eyes at some point. Some people have a very mild form of the condition, which causes only a temporary irritation, but others suffer from a long-term condition associated with great discomfort or pain.

Dry eyes could be caused by many factors.

Optometrist Sophie Koh says there are probably underlying issues causing this condition.

“It might be some lid disease or inflammation that needs to be treated,” she said. “Or the tear glands within your lid might be blocked or inflamed.”

Optometrist Sophie Koh

Ultimately, the symptoms are often a result of your tear system being out of whack. When tears don’t provide enough moisture, you could notice:

- A gritty feeling in the eye
- Crusting on eyelids
- Feeling like there’s something in your eye
- Redness
- Blurry vision
- Light sensitivity

Dry eye is very common but people who experience this condition should not think they just have to live with it. Due to improvements in diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, almost all dry eye patients can experience relief of their symptoms.

Treatment for dry eyes

If you’re suffering from dry eyes over a longer period, it’s a good idea to seek advice from your optometrist about what to do.

While using over-the-counter eye drops seems a simple solution, they won’t fix the underlying problem.

Your eyelids may need cleaning, or blocked glands cleared, or there may be other health and environmental issues causing dry eyes.

Your optometrist will chat with you about the possible contributing factors such as your home or work environments, diet, general health, prolonged exposure to eye irritants and even eye trauma.

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