New documentary ‘Open Your Eyes’ uncovers the future of eye health

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Open Your Eyes, a new feature documentary by Wayne Chesler that officially premiered this year, delivers the message that our eyes hold the secrets to our hidden health.

It follows American optometrist, Dr Kerry Gelb, and influencer, Chris Maraboli, as they travel across North America, Europe and Costa Rica to spread awareness on how optometrists can often reveal general health problems through the eyes.

In the film, Dr Gelb speaks about the active role optometrists play in eye health and general health, and how this role has evolved with the immersion of new and modern technology.

“We’re almost acting as detectives to diagnose very interesting cases to try to help people,” Dr Gelb said in an interview with Optometry Australia.

“A lot of the time, we’re helping people before they get diseases because of what we can see inside the eye.

“As we discuss in the film, there are almost 300 diseases that can be first diagnosed by an optometrist.”

Watch the rest of our interview with Dr Gelb:

The trailer for Open Your Eyes can be viewed at The documentary is available to stream on Google Play here and YouTube here.

You can also catch Dr. Gelb’s podcast ‘Open Your Eyes with Dr. Kerry Gelb’ on Spotify here, Apple Podcasts here and on Youtube – listen to the latest episode here!

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