Visit to optometrist saved Australian woman’s life

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Two years ago, at the age of 31, Canberra resident Tracey Magno was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

This devastating but life-changing information was only discovered when Tracey went to her optometrist for an eye examination.

During the test, the optometrist detected something through Tracey's retina: a papilloedema, which is an eye condition that happens when pressure in your brain makes your optic nerve swell.

That's when Tracey's routine trip to an optometrist turned into a rushed visit to an ophthalmologist and then to emergency, where she was informed that she had a brain tumour which could, at the very least, make Tracey go blind.

One month later Tracey underwent 36 hours of brain surgery. Her doctor told her it was the most difficult case he had ever encountered.

Now, after extensive surgery and rehabilitation, Tracey is back working and will soon be heading off on an overseas holiday.

See the ABC's coverage of the story here.

You may think your vision is fine or that your eyes are healthy, but visiting an optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination is the only way to really be sure.

Not only may it lead to improved everyday vision – and quality of life – it could detect that something more serious is going on, and prevent loss of vision.

Find an optometrist near you and make an appointment for an eye exam today.

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