Have you heard of the “elbow rule”?

Is your child glued to their screen?

During this segment on Channel 7's House of Wellness, Luke Arundel, Chief Clinical Officer at Optometry Australia, explains the ‘elbow rule’ and how it could protect your child’s eyes by helping to minimise the effects of prolonged screen use.

Optometry Australia continues its ongoing efforts to raise more awareness about myopia, promote eye health and reiterate the importance of regular visits to the optometrist.

"Myopia is a looming epidemic; we are talking about half the world’s population being short-sighted by the year 2050. One fifth of the world’s population will have high myopia and with high myopia comes increased risk of permanent blindness," said Arundel.

"Optometry Australia will continue to educate parents, caregivers and teachers on the rising prevalence of myopia and the need for early detection and management of this condition." 

How often should you get your eyes checked?

It is recommended that every Australian, from the time they start primary school, pay their optometrist a visit every year until age 18, then every two years as an adult, and then yearly again after turning 65, for a comprehensive eye examination.     

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