The footy season gets focused as AFL approves Mason Cox’ prescription glasses

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The AFL has given Collingwood’s Mason Cox the go-ahead to wear prescription sunglasses in competitive matches.

The Magpie player has been left long-sighted after injuries sustained while playing. He has had several eye surgeries over the last three years.

Cox has been trialing the glasses throughout the pre-season. He finds them to be more effective than the contact lenses he wore in the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

As reported on “Cox first required eye surgery in 2019 after an accidental poke from then Gold Coast ruckman Peter Wright resulted in a torn retina. It was during that operation that surgeons discovered his other retina was also detached, following an incident in a contest against West Coast defender Tom Barrass in the 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final loss against West Coast.”

Optometry Australia’s Chief Clinical Officer, Luke Arundel, said: “It’s fantastic to see that the AFL is taking eye-health seriously and allowing Mason Cox to wear glasses during matches.

“We don’t always think about eyesight as a crucial aspect of our physical health, especially when it comes to playing sport. But maintaining good vision is critical for living healthy and fulfilling lives – and also for good footy. Plus, the special specs will show everyone watching, including up and coming AFL stars, that wearing glasses isn’t a barrier for getting involved in the game.

“We encourage everybody involved in professional or recreational sports to take their eye-health seriously. It’s important to regularly visit an optometrist, to make sure you have good vision for life.”

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