It’s time to get snap happy! Join Glaucoma Australia’s 7 Sights in 7 Days Challenge

Glaucoma Australia is calling on Aussies to get out and about, snap some photos and help take glaucoma blindness out of the picture by joining an exciting fundraising initiative; the 7 Sights in 7 Days Challenge.

The new event is part of Glaucoma Australia’s annual Treat Your Eyes campaign and will take place during World Glaucoma Week, from 6-12 March.

The 7 Sights in 7 Days challenge asks Aussies to share a photo of an amazing sight every day for seven days and raise vital funds for glaucoma research, education and support programs. It encourages people to get active, be creative and share with their communities.

It’s easy to take our sight for granted… until it’s gone. Over 300,000 Australians have glaucoma, but only half of them know about it. Without regular check-ups, glaucoma can go undiagnosed and cause severe vision loss, and eventually blindness.

Optometry Australia is backing the challenge. CEO Lyn Brodie said: ‘We welcome this fantastic campaign, which is a great opportunity for Aussies to get out in their community, get creative and reflect on the wonders of sight’.

How to get involved:

  1. Register on the campaign website as an individual, team or workplace and set your fundraising goal.
  1. Share your fundraising page and your motivation for taking part in this challenge. Ask everyone you know to support your fundraising efforts.
  1. Get active in your neighbourhood (or further afield) to discover and share 7 pics of amazing sights. Daily theme prompts will offer inspiration. Upload your pictures with the hashtag #TreatYourEyes and ask everyone to help you achieve your fundraising goal!

The 7 Sights in 7 Days challenge website has a resources hub with a suite of tools including Instagram tiles to make it super easy to get involved and spread the word. You can also check out this video for a quick guide.

There are seven themes to inspire challengers: the Scenic Sight, the Heritage Sight, the Selfie Sight, the Creative Sight, the Structures Sight, the ‘Hmmm’ Sight, and the Culture Sight. And last but definitely not least, there are prizes to be won for hitting fundraising milestones, and for the best photos.

Registrations are now open. Find out more and get involved by visiting the 7 Sights in 7 Days Challenge website.

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