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Having trouble reading the footy scores? It could be a sign of myopia

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Football finals are in full swing, with excited AFL and NRL fans getting ready to watch every goal and tackle on the television screen, and for the very lucky ones in 2021, live at the game.

For some, they may find they’re straining to read the scoreboard or identify which player is which. Let’s take a look at what this might mean and how you can prepare yourself - and your eyes - for footy finals action.

What's happening to your eyes?

Having difficulty viewing the football scores on the television screen or distant scoreboard could be a sign of myopia. Myopia, or short-sightedness, is an eye condition where you do not see distant objects clearly. The condition is very common, affecting about 6.3 million Australians, according to The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. It is estimated that by 2050, more than 50 per cent of the world’s population will have myopia.

What causes myopia?

Myopia occurs when the eyeball grows too quickly in childhood or starts growing again in adulthood. Research suggests genes are partly responsible for short-sightedness but it may also be related to environmental factors such as too much ‘inside’ time, focusing on near objects like books and screens.

The added level of strain on the eyes makes it difficult to focus properly. People affected by myopia may struggle to read road signs, words on a whiteboard, recognise people from afar - or see their team's game score on the television.

Don't let poor vision ruin the game

As a progressive condition that may worsen over time, early detection is important. Myopia can be easily corrected with glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery.

It’s important to make an appointment with an optometrist for regular eye examinations not only to ensure you’re set for the football finals but also to determine any potential eye diseases that can be prevented or corrected.

Make game day a recurring reminder!

The football finals are a great reminder for people to schedule an eye examination and be prepared for all of the finals action.

You can use our find an optometrist tool to determine your local optometrist and make an appointment today.

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