Why sporting legend Wally Lewis is urging Australians to get their eyes tested

Image Source: NINE.COM.AU

We all know the famous saying “it’s probably nothing” often prefaces, well, something.

A common misconception is that you should wait until your symptoms decline before consulting a professional. This could be damaging to your health and, more often than not, prevention is key.

Just ask well-loved Australian sports star Wally Lewis who was recently reported to have been battling with an unchecked eye health scare that could have resulted in permanent vision loss. Lewis suffered through strenuous pain before finally taking himself for an eye examination – previously attributing his symptoms to a mere headache.

And Lewis isn’t the only one.

In fact, almost half of all Australians have health conditions that could be prevented. And Optometry Australia's 2020 Vision Index report reveals that 59% of Australians worry about their eyesight yet more than a third (35%) don't undergo regular eye examinations.

Health isn’t a waiting game yet many people put off getting checked

The same study showed that over three-quarters of Australians are aware that regular eye exams can uncover broader issues about general health.

So, why the hesitancy for those who don’t get their eyes tested? For some, it could be time-sensitivity or a downplay of symptoms.

For Lewis, he cites he simply didn’t want to be a “sook” – an ethos that could naturally do more harm than good when conditioned with our health.

Lewis’s eventual eye examination revealed him to have an eye condition called corneal erosion as well as dry eye. He is now urging Australians to prioritise their eye health, and not to delay in visiting an optometrist if they notice any changes out of the ordinary.

If you have concerns about your eye health, we encourage you to be aware of these common symptoms as well as use our Find an Optometrist search tool to schedule an appointment today.

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