Seeing the signs – How to tell if your date’s just not that into you

In the wake of Valentine’s (or Galentine’s or Palentine’s) Day, the team at Good vision for life decided to pull together a list of key signs people can look out for to determine if their date is attracted to them or not.

While many believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the eyes can also giveaway a lot when it comes to attraction. Signs to look out for and steps to take include:

  • If you own glasses, don’t be afraid to wear them on date night, with new insights from Optometry Australia’s 2020 Vision Index Report revealing that 28 per cent of Australians believe glasses make people more attractive. This is driven by a greater portion of men. The Index also revealed that 34 per cent of Australians believe glasses make people look smarter.
  • If you feel like you’re in a staring competition with your date, that’s good! Prolonged gazes are an indicator that someone likes you.
  • If you’re date’s looking around, it’s not a good sign. Eyes darting, glancing to the left, rapid blinking and lengthy eye closes are all signs of lying.
  • Evidence reveals that men and women look at each other differently – particularly when they meet for the first time. Author of 'In the name of love', Dr Aaron Ben-Ze’ev said in his Psychology Today blog that women tend to look at men’s eyes, whereas men initially look at women’s bodies.
  • Dr Ben-Ze-ev also says that eyes are important components to our physical appearance while large eyes are perceived to be more honest.
  • A study conducted by Dr Daniel Gill found that, when looking at a female face, men attached the most importance to the whole female face followed by the eyes while women rated the eyes as the most important feature on a male’s face.
  • Another, 2014 study found that eye movements could reveal whether a person was in lust or in love. According to this research, when you meet someone, if you concentrate on their face, you are seeing a potential romantic partner but if your gaze keeps falling to the body, then the attraction is more sexual.

With so much communicated through the eyes, we are reminding all Australians to take care of their eyes, so not to miss the signs of love from a potential partner! (To find an optometrist near you, click here).

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