Rising tennis star dominates the court with his trademark sports glasses

Rising tennis star dominates the court with his trademark sports glasses

Image source: ATP World Tour

When 21-year-old Hyeon Chung from South Korea defeated former world number one Novak Djokovic in straight sets in the fourth round of the Australian Open, millions of people were watching.

The softly spoken up-and-comer on the circuit has been wowing audiences with his relentless force and striking athleticism.

And Chung is instantly recognisable on court by his prescription sports glasses which have become his trademark. In fact, he took up tennis in the first place only to maintain his eyesight after an optometrist suggested that looking at the colour green would help.

Just like fitness, speed or strength, good vision is an important factor in sports, if not crucial in tennis. And many interrelated vision skills, such as visual acuity and peripheral vision, can affect how well you play sport.

An optometrist with expertise in sports vision can assess your unique vision system, and recommend the proper tools to maximise your visual skills for your particular sport, as well as protect your precious eyes.

Studies have shown that protective eyewear doesn’t hinder a player’s sight when playing sports. In fact, it’s logical that many people will play or perform better because they’re less afraid of getting hit in the eye.

We guess this could be said to be one of the factors of Chung’s success, notwithstanding the multiple other attributes that are making him one of the biggest stars to keep an eye on!

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