Video: What happens in an eye examination

Your eyes are the window to this world and by visiting your optometrist regularly you will have a better chance of safeguarding your vision for life.

Eye examinations are normally painless, and usually completed in the one visit, which may take less than an hour.

We have produced a short video about having an eye examination which is now available for viewing below.

Why are eye examinations important?

We recommend that to understand the health of your eyes, you should visit an optometrist throughout life for a thorough eye examination. These examinations should commence before school age and continue on regularly as you age.

There are many eye conditions which can impact your vision and while some are more common with age, others can occur at any age. And unfortunately there are some eye diseases – such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy – that do not show any symptoms until it is too late to reverse their impact on the health of your eyes. Some cause blindness and others, serious vision impairment.

A comprehensive eye examination can also reveal other health issues such as high blood pressure, a potential stroke and some cancers.

Regular check-ups however, make detection more achievable, enabling prompt treatment and a better chance of controlling the disease and preventing loss of vision.

Regular checks can also ensure you are making the most of your vision for work, play and everyday life.

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