Video: Why your eyes are the best camera you’ll ever own

We’re very good at clinking our glasses to health and happiness.

But when it comes to consumer decisions, Australians spend more money and attention on gadgets than their overall health.

Eye health, in particular, takes a backseat.

This funny video, released by Optometry Australia last week, illuminates the foolishness of our collective obsession with visual technology rather than our eyesight.

Australians’ disregard for eye health not so funny

Eye problems impact around half the Australian population – that’s around 12 million people.

The cost of vision disorders to our economy is estimated at $16.6 billion per annum – that’s a massive $45.5m per day or $1.9m per hour!

86% of Australians rank loss of sight as their number one health concern but despite this, more than half (53%) admit they would not get their eyes tested if their GP recommended it.

Time to see an optometrist

Optometry Australia believes it’s time to think in terms of quality of life, rather than high-definition pixels.

Eye examinations test for much more than your need for glasses.

Your optometrist can detect for debilitating eye disorders and diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. Even common refractive errors such as long or shortsightedness, if not treated, can significantly impact a person’s wellbeing.

So, instead of spending your energy researching the camera resolution of your next smartphone upgrade, or the specifications of a new big screen TV, do something that  will truly benefit your vision -- find an Optometrist in your local area.

Still really want to compare the human eye and the camera?

Using peer-reviewed sources, internet personality Michael Stevens produced this video which aimed to compare the resolution of the modern camera to the human eye.

Spoiler Alert: You can’t really compare the two, but your eyes are complex and fascinating things -- the best camera you will ever own.

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